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The Different Handle Types for Shears

Different handle designs for salon and barber shears
It’s something to consider: It’s easy to notice the blade, but have you considered the handle? The blade is responsible for the cut line, but the handle is the extension of your hand and assists form. Choose the handle type carefully, to enjoy both your craft and investment for longer.

What's The Proper Place to Store my Salon Shears?

High-quality hairstylist shear case
Shear cases are designed to protect your shears from damage and your hands from being cut by your shears. Selecting a quality shear case is important for a stylist. This guide will give some pointers on how to select a scissor case.

Are There Shear Problems Edgewise Can't Fix?

Some problems, which come up with premium salon shears can be fixed. Others cannot. This post describes which scissor problems are fixable, and which are not.

Can You Sharpen my Knives?

Levelset Mizutani Stellite Series-1 Shear
Can You Sharpen my Knives?