Can You Sharpen my Knives?

At Edgewise, at least, the answer is no. We cannot sharpen knives. But why, you ask? Isn't a blade a blade? Can't you just put an edge on it?

For an analogy, dog grooming. You're a hairstylist, could you groom my dog? While (I think?) there are stylists, who are also excellent groomers, this is not generally true. Stylists have spent years and years learning (both on formal training and in-salon work) how to make their (human) clients look great. The outcome is a direct result of this deep and broad education and practice that makes it possible. But a dog? Hmm..I guess I could try...?

At Edgewise, we have spent a decade and a half working exclusively on the high-end shears used by the professional stylists working in Chicago's top salons and barbershops. It's a huge market, so there's enough of this work to keep us very busy all day, every day.

But want to sharpen your knives? I know a guy or two around, who have the same deep and broad skills in sharpening high-end knives, but it's not us. These knife guys may even say they sharpen high-end beauty scissors. But since high-end beauty shears are structurally different from knives (trust us), is it a $500 gamble you're interested in making?

On the other hand, do you want to have your high-end stylist shears properly sharpened, so they look, feel, and cut like new? That, my friend, is definitely something we can help you with!

(P.S. to put a finer point on it, we ONLY sharpen stylist shears. No tweezers, nippers, clippers, nail pushers, trimmers, lawnmower blades, chainsaw blades, or, for that matter, fabric or grooming shears. Oh yeah, and no knives. ;))

Contact us at, or text us at (773)844-3387 for questions or more information. If you're in the city of Chicago, stop by our new shop at 858 N Clark St., #202 on Mondays from 10:30-5!

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