Are There Shear Problems Edgewise Can't Fix?

Problems, which can usually be fixed by Edgewise's Premium Reconditioning Process:

  • Dull edges
  • Nicks and dings
  • Dropped shears
  • Mis-aligned tips
  • Shear tension
  • Missing stoppers/bumpers
  • Lost finger rests (if the correct size is in stock)

And shear problems, which cannot be fixed:

  • Pitted metal. Shears can sometimes develop small pits in the metal - usually from salon chemicals. Wipe down your shears each night with a light oil. and,  when they're not in use, store them in a protective case.
  • Bad sharpening. With a bad haircut or color, the hair grows back. By comparison, a bad sharpener can easily destroy a high-end pair of beauty shears in a single sharpening. Once the metal has been removed it's gone. Note: a subset of this is a stylist using a nail file to 'touch up' an edge. Please don't do this - it makes the shears MUCH harder to fix!
  • Really bad nicks or dings. Usually, this comes from the shears being used to cut something they're not meant to cut - foils, wire, bottle tops, etc. Please just use your shears to cut clean wet or dry hair.
  • Broken shears. Blades can break, as can handles. Not generally fixable.
  • Lost parts. We occasionally get requests to replace lost fastener parts for shears, which were either taken, or fell, apart. We have some stock of these parts, but we do not have replacement parts for all shears. If you take your shears apart, be careful not to lose any of the parts, and keep your shears properly tensioned so they do not fall apart after being too loose.


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