What's The Proper Place to Store my Salon Shears?

Having worked in salons the past 15 years, let's first cover where NOT to store your beauty shears:

  • Loose in your station drawer
  • On top of your station
  • In your purse/handbag/gym bag etc.

These are all locations, where it's too easy for your shears to be knocked to the floor and damaged, or where you could easily hurt yourself while grabbing for something else. Where, then, is the proper place to store my shears? Our best suggestion is to purchase a high-quality shear case. Many shears will come with a case, but these are generally lower-quality, pleather-coated cardboard. They're work for a little while, but fall apart quickly. What advantages do better-quality cases have?

  • Heavy-duty zipper or fasteners. Your case is going to be opened and closed a ton. Buy one that's going to stand up to the use/abuse. Many stylists I know like a case with a zipper that runs the entire way around the case because it keeps your shears securely in the case.
  • An appropriate number of pockets.Get a case with enough pockets for your shears, but don't plan on keeping your entire beauty kit in the case. Some stylists store shears, combs, clips, and everything else in their case. We advise against this. As the case gets fuller and fuller, it's harder to close, and eventually, if the case isn't closed, your shears are going to fall out on the floor.
  • Heavy-duty material. While you may be inclined to buy a case that isn't made with super high-end materials, a heavy-duty case will better protect your shears from drops, bumps, and falls.

Remember that your shears are probably your most important investment as a stylist. A quality case will protect your shears from damage, and protect your hands from being badly cut as you root around for them in the bottom of your duffel bag.

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