Our shop is open Mondays, by appointment, from 9:30-4:30 for in-person and drop-off beauty shear sharpening. Use the calendar below to select a time you'd like to come visit us. While you're here, check out our extensive selection of Mizutani and Hikari shears and YS Park combs, clips, and brushes. Cost is $38 per shear.

**This is only for sharpening at our Clark Street shop. Text or message us, to set up an appointment for our standard in-salon sales and sharpening services.

(**We only sharpen the shears used by stylists and barbers. Nothing else. Please do NOT schedule an appointment if you need knives, clippers or trimmers, mani/pedi tools, dog grooming or fabric shears, lawnmower blades, saws, axes, meat cleavers, or anything else, sharpened. Only barber and stylist shears. Thank you.)