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Shear Basics - Shear Length

Hikari #B2 Crane-Handle Shear
One of the first questions stylists and barbers ask when selecting a shear is how long the shear is. So how do you measure a shear's length? This post answers this common question.

Weekly Shear Care

Mizutani Blacksmith Fit Shear in Titanium Black finish - available in 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", and 6.5" lengths
In this post we will outline the quick and easy steps stylists should also follow at the end of the week to keep their shears cutting and functioning properly.

Daily Shear Care

Daily Shear Care
Stylists should follow a daily routine to care for their professional salon shears. If they do, this will help keep their shears working properly, and will extend the time between having to have their shears sharpened.

Proper Care of YS Park Brushes

Proper Care of YS Park Brushes
YS Park sells the finest stylist brushes available on the market. In order to prolong the life of your YS Park brush, you should follow the important care instructions outlined in this post.

Proper Selection and Care of YS Park Combs

Proper Selection and Care of YS Park Combs

YS Park makes the finest line of stylist tools available to today's professional stylist. To prolong the life of your YS Park comb, follow these care and cleaning instructions. This post outlines how to care for your YS Park professional stylist comb, and also gives some pointers to help select which comb is right for you.

Pointy- vs. Rounded-Tips on Salon Shears

Pointy- vs. Rounded-Tips on Salon Shears
Stylists occasionally ask to have their shears made 'pointier' at the tips. For several reasons, it is better for shears to be purchased with pointy tips, than to have a shear sharpener perform this change on their shears after purchase.

As a hairstylist, what other things should I consider when buying a new shear?

Keiki 40-series Crane-Handle Shear
Selecting a shear can be overwhelming for any stylist. This post will give useful and important tips on how to best select your next pair of shears.

What makes a left-handed shear different from a right-handed shear?

Hikari L605 6.0" True Lefty Stylist Shear
What's really the difference between left- and right-handed shears? This article describes the difference between shears, so lefties can make more-informed shear buying decisions.

What 3 Factors are Most Important when Selecting a Thinning or Blending Scissor?

Image shows a 28-tooth Keiki thinning shear
When looking to buy a thinning, blending, or notching shear, the barber or stylist is confronted with a wide range of options. Which of these are most important in selecting the shear to best suit their needs and requirements? This article seeks to answer this question with three helpful tips.

What length of shears is best for me?

Mizutani Schorem Master Barbering/Stylist Cutting Shear. Available in 6.0"-7.5" lengths.
Shear length is a critical factor for stylists to consider in shopping for their next shear. This guide will help them determine which shears are best for their cutting and styling needs.

Where do the best-made shears come from?

Where do the best-made shears come from?
When shopping for shears, stylists should definitely check the shear's country of origin, to gain a valuable insight into how good (or bad) that shear might be!

What are the top 3 things stylists should look for when shopping for shears?

Mizutani Solid stylist cutting shears and an orange YS Park 339 cutting comb
You've been saving tips for months. Now it's time to buy a new shear. What are the MOST important factors to look for in a pair of shears? Our expert weighs in with 3 factors you should definitely consider when looking for a new shear.