Proper Selection and Care of YS Park Combs

YS Park makes the finest line of stylist tools available to today's professional stylist. To prolong the life of your YS Park comb, follow these care and cleaning instructions:

- Combs are made of heat- and stain-resistant Polythermide Ultem-Plastic, an exceptionally durable and flexible material, ideal for sectioning and combing.

- To disinfect, immerse in Barbicide, and then remove and rinse with water before storing.  Do not store in Barbicide for longer than an hour, as the chlorine content of the solvent can lead to stress cracking and breaking, if exposure is prolonged. 

Comb Selection:

- YS Park combs come in many sizes, tooth shapes, tooth lengths & tooth textures. Each one is carefully designed for a specific purpose and application.

- Select your comb based on the hair type, your cutting style, and the hair design you're trying to create. For example, if your client has thick, curly hair do not use the fine cutting comb, or if you tend to bend the comb while holding, choose our wider-spine model.

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