As a hairstylist, what other things should I consider when buying a new shear?

What else should a stylist consider when buying a new shear?

  1. Is the shear comfortable?
  2. Is the shear the right tool for the job?
  3. Is the shear well-made and free of manufacturing defects?

1) Is the shear you're trying out comfortable? If the shears aren't comfortable when you try them out, they're unlikely to become more comfortable as you use them. Aircutting at a trade show doesn't show much, and looking at a picture of a shear online shows even less.

2) Is the shear the one you actually need? Don't select your shear, just because they have a colored coating, have a rhinestone-encrusted adjustment knob, come with a free flatiron and thinner, or have a fancy blade shape. Pick a shear, which is going to help you execute your vision. Critical in this are that the shear is made of a high-quality metal, is well-made, and is of a length and shape that will help you do better work for your clients every day. Don't be distracted by fancy shapes, fancy colors, fancy adjustment knobs, or freebies.

3) Most difficult, is the shear well-made and free of manufacturing defects? This is exceptionally difficult for a stylist to determine, and the stylist should either be working with a vendor they trust, or the seller must have a liberal returns policy. Ideally, the stylist will be able to work with a salesperson, who's trusted, and who has a solid track record of supplying dependably high-quality shears to the people they work with. [Ask around to other local stylists, at local trade shows, or through online reviews to identify these companies and salespeople.]

Lastly, if the shear you purchased doesn't feel perfect, it should immediately be returned. I'm often surprised how often a shear that doesn't work correctly out of the box (it's crunchy, it folds hair, it pinches hair, etc.) isn't immediately returned to the vendor, and months later, the stylist is still struggling with the shears that were never right in the first place.

These points will get you a good start on selecting the best shear for you. Have additional questions? Contact us, and we'll do our best to help!

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