Two Great Ways to Clean and Care For Your Salon Shears

In order to keep high-end salon shears in top operating condition, you should clean them at the end of each day, and lubricate them at the end of each week.

Daily Cleaning:

  1. Open the two blades of your shears so they are in the shape of an 'X'
  2. Place a few drops of oil on the inner face of the shear blades back where the blades are fastened together
  3. Work the blades open and closed a few times
  4. Take a dry towel and wipe off the oil, dirt, hair, and product from the blades
  5. This process will clean the blades, and coat the blades in a light coat of oil

Weekly Lubrication:

  1. Place a drop of oil next to the head of the screw, which holds the two blades together (for shears that are held together with a finger-adjust dial, place the drops of oil on the screw head on the side away from the finger dial)
  2. Open and close the blades a few times. You will see the oil soak down behind the screw head, which will keep the shears functioning smoothly


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