Where to go for Professional Shear Sharpening in Chicago

Edgewise Sharpening

Damaging your hair shears at the wrong time (is there ever a right time??) can put you out of business until you're able to get them sharpened, possibly costing you thousands of dollars. For this reason, we at Edgewise always recommend that stylists have AT LEAST one pair of quality shears as a backup. (Check out our great options! https://edgewise-sharpening-pro-tools.myshopify.com/collections/all)

But accidents do happen sometimes, and your shears get damaged. What should you do?

1) If they're Hikari shears, contact HKR at (800)255-2705 for information on having your Hikari's sharpened

2) For all other brands of salon shears (sorry, we don't do anything but hair shears and thinners), contact the professionals at Edgewise at (773) 844-3387 to schedule an in-salon sharpening appointment (sorry, Chicago-area stylists only!).


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