Shear Basics - The Finger Rest

There is (usually) a small piece of metal protruding from the finger ring of your shears. This piece is called the finger rest, or tang, and helps the stylist with control and balance when cutting hair. These rests are then further split into two sub-groups - fixed rests and removable rests (see picture, below).

Fixed and Removable Finger Rest for Salon Shears

1. Removable rests are exactly what they sound like - they are threaded at the base of the rest and can be screwed into and out of the finger ring. Stylists, who prefer not having a rest on their shears, should select a shear, which either does not come with a finger rest, or should select a removable-rest shear (and then remove the rest).
2. Fixed-rest shears. These shears have finger rests, which are actually part of the finger ring, and cannot be removed. Stylists who intend to use a finger rest can either select a shear with a removable rest and not remove the rest, or select a shear with a fixed rest, which fits naturally to your hand, and is comfortable to use in all your usual cutting positions. 
Is one type of rest better than another? If the stylist is going to remove the rest, then there is only one option - the removable-rest shear. If the stylist prefers using a finger rest, the fixed rest has the advantage of never becoming loose or falling out. That said, the best shear with or without a rest is the one that works best for- and feels most comfortable to the stylist.

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