Mason Pearson Professional Brush Care

Taking good care of your new Mason Pearson professional hair brush will not only prolong its useful life, it will also make sure your brush functions the way it was designed, smoothing and providing that deep lustrous shine that you expect from a Mason. These steps may also be used in caring for other professional boar-bristle hair brushes, as well.

  • Do not use it on applications for which it isn't intended, such as pets
  • Do not leave your brush in sunlight. The UV light in sunlight can destroy the rubber cushion, and can distort the handle
  • Do not use oils, solvents, or other chemicals on your hairbrush. These can destroy the rubber cushion, and the oil-based formulations of many shampoos and conditioners can damage the brush if allowed to accumulate 
  • The prolonged direct heat from appliances, such as dryers and flatirons can damage the brush's natural boar and nylon bristles. Keep your brush away from extended, focused heat
  • To clean your brush, first remove the 'woven' strands of hair from the bristles using a comb.
  • Using your hand and a lather of lukewarm soapy water to gently clean the brush.
  • While cleaning and rinsing the brush, point the head of the brush downwards to allow water to drain out through the drain hole
  • Do NOT submerge the brush in the water, and do NOT use harsh detergents, ammonia, or petroleum-based products to clean your brush
  • Shake your brush gently to remove excess water
  • Never dry the bristles with a towel. Instead, allow the brush to dry naturally in a non-sunny, room-temperature location.
  • Never use boiling water to clean your brush, as it can melt the handle

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