The Importance of Proper Thumb Pressure While Cutting

Many stylists have developed the habit of pushing with their thumb into the thumb-ring handle of their dull scissors in order to "force" the scissor to cut properly. While many scissors require a certain amount of this horizontal thumb pressure in order to cut, the best quality Japanese-style scissors (like those from Hikari and Mizutani), are designed to cut with no horizontal thumb pressure. To keep from pushing with your thumb, we recommend inserting a finger ring in the thumb ring. This helps the user break the habit of applying horizontal thumb pressure, which is often unknowingly applied. If you notice your scissors dulling very quickly, you may be pushing with your thumb without realizing it. Check your technique and use a finger ring in the thumb opening to help remind yourself not to apply horizontal pressure to the handles. In addition, make sure the tension is adjusted properly. This will not only help prevent premature wear of the blades, but will also help to prevent stress and fatigue from developing in your hand and wrist.


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