Colored Shears

Many shears available to stylists come in bright colors - black, rainbow, striped, you name it! What is this coloring, and why do only some shears have it? Also, is this coloring important in which shears you consider to buy?

This coloring is a final layer or coating applied to an otherwise standard shear. This coating is generally a titanium finish, but can also be a painted powder-coat on the shear. Because this color is an external coating, these colors can be removed. [If your not sure, examine a colored shear at the very edge. You'll be able to see where a thin line of the coloring has been removed in the factory's final sharpening process.] The coloring on the shears will also be removed later, when you're having them sharpened. This will happened whether the sharpening is done by the factory, or by a local sharpener.

Is there an advantage to purchasing shears with this colored coating? If you've found that your skin is sensitive to the metals in the shear, then definitely! A nickel sensitivity, for instance, would quickly point you towards coated shears.

Otherwise, we don't feel that there is a particular benefit to purchasing colored shears - unless you think they look better. At Edgewise, we tend to lean towards classic, un-coated, professional shears, but do also sell a wide selection of black, powder-coated shears through our Mizutani scissor line. Note, however, that the difference between a black Mizutani Acro-K, and a polished chrome Acro-K is exactly zero - except the $50 cost of the shear, which is essentially just the cost of applying the matte black finish.

Is a colored shear better for you? If you have an allergy to the metals in the shear, then definitely! Otherwise, yes, if you like the look better. Remember, however, that the color is just a coating, and will be removed by any sharpening process, which will also change the look of the shear over time.

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