Mizutani Schorem Black Titanium Master Blending Shear

Mizutani Schorem Black Titanium Master Blending Shear

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"Schorem Master" scissors are designed for barbers and stylists. From the handle shape to the selection of steel, the "Schorem Master" features optimal design for all aspects of men’s haircuts. This design also delivers outstanding stability for fades and for removing significant hair weight.

  • Manufactured of Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy
  • 33-Tooth blending shear delivers a 25% cut ratio
  • Adjustable, low-profile flat screw
  • Fixed finger rest/tang
  • Shorter 5.0" length allows greater control and precision
  • Reversed comb/cutting blades

Matte black titanium finish is ideal option for those allergic to metal, and looks fantastic! This coating is also highly resistant to corrosion and surface scratching.

These scissors were designed and developed by Leen and Bertus. Founders of the world-famous “SCHOREM” barber in Rotterdam, Holland. The “Schorem Master” was completed at the Mizutani Factory after many improvements made in cooperation with Mizutani’s development team.