Q: Do you service clipper blades, manicure and pedicure tools, etc.?

A: No, Edgewise only services quality salon shears


Q: Can I drop my shears off at your location?

A: No, Edgewise does not currently offer a drop-off or while-you-wait sharpening service


Q: How often should I sharpen my shears?

A: On average, most shears that are used on a regular basis will need to be sharpened about every 4-6 months. But shears are a simple tool. If they are mistreated or dropped, they may need to be sharpened immediately, while if they are kept clean and oiled in their original packaging, they may never need to be sharpened. Sharpen your shears as soon as you find yourself having trouble executing your vision for your clients.


Q: Can all shears be returned to a like-new condition?

A: Edgewise strives to bring every shear back to the condition your shears were in when you purchased them. Unfortunately many things can impact our ability to reach this goal, including poor-quality prior sharpening, misuse (e.g. cutting foil, wire, etc.), bad manufacturing, or physical metal damage (pitting or rusting). We're essentially forced to play the hand we're dealt. That said, we always strive to return the shears to as good a condition as possible.


Q: What makes one sharpener better than another?

A: Like a great versus only a good stylist, it is a combination of good tools, lots of experience, and a desire and abiliy to deliver the best possible result, bounded by the customer's desires and constrants.


Q: Are there any shears you do not sharpen?

A: Edgewise does not sharpen curved, dog grooming, fabric, low-quality, or industrial shears. Also, Hikari-brand shears need to be returned to HKR for sharpening (see below). Otherwise, Edgewise provides the finest quality sharpening for all brands and models of hair cutting and salon shears.


Q: What is the turnaround time for a pair of shears?

A: Edgewise commits to have all shears on the way back to the customer within two business days, but shears are generally sent back in a business day or less.


Q: Does Edgewise sell shears or other salon tools?

A: Edgewise sells Keiki and Hikari brand professional salon shears, Y.S. Park combs, clips, and brushes, and Mason-Pearson, and Spornette brushes.


Q: Does Edgewise service blow dryers, clippers, or flat irons?

A: No, sorry Edgewise does not sell or service any electrics


Q: How long should a pair of shears last?

A: High-quality shears with proper care and expert sharpening should easily last 12-15 years.


Q: Does Edgewise sharpen Hikari shears?

A: Edgewise is an official distributor of Hikari brand professional salon shears, and is, therefore, contractually not allowed to sharpen them. Only HKR/Hikari Scissor Factory is officially authorized to sharpen Hikari-branded shears. If any sharpener tells you they are "Hikari authorized", "Hikari trained", or "Hikari certified", they are not being honest. Contact Hikari directly for instructions on having your shears sharpened by them.


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